About Musk Ox

Musk oxen are primarily found in the Arctic North America. Herds can range in size from 10-20 heads. In Quebec we have more than 2000 musk oxen.Both male & females have horns & long shaggy wool coat with long thick guard hairs all over. The musk ox roam the Tundra eating all the low growing grasses & small plants. Female gestation lasts for 8-9 months & most give birth to a single calf.

The Qiviut wool is highly prized for its softness & insulating properties, qiviut wool is 8 times warmer than sheep wool & a thousand times softer.....

mill-end-view top-secret-1 top-secret-2 summer for the musk ox fileuse-white-fr-res musk ox 1930

Musk ox on the Tundra 1930

To make the best quality musk ox yarns we need to put the fibre through several stages of production. First of all, we begin with washing & conditioning the fibres. This removes any muck or grease that contaminates the raw fibre. The fibre is put onto trays to dry & sprayed with our own blend of Anti-static spray that also contains conditioning oils to help the fibre slip over the machines without causing any fibre damage.


Raw unwashed qiviut fibre from natural shedding

This is how a musk oxen looks when he's shedding his down in the spring. The Fibre begins to slip....


The picture to the right shows raw Qiviut fibre in the picking room. The picker machine opens up the fibre before we move it to the fibre seperater machine.


Below is the fibre seperater machine, this machine runs 10 hours per day & 7 days aweek

At Cottage we buy in raw qiviut down, wash, pick, dehair, card, draft, spin & ply 100% Qiviut yarns & then some of our yarns go on to be made into knitwear in our Design studio.....


Once all the Guard hairs are removed from the fibre its time to move to the carding machine. This machine combs all the fibre into a soft web & then puts it into a soft sliver, the sliver falls into buckets & is compressed. We leave it to rest for a while before we move onto the pin draft machine.

The picture to the right shows the fibre entering the carding machine.


Back of the carder machine

The front of the carder machine

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