Hand Painted Qiviut Yarns

Luxurious, Fun Qiviut in Rich Jewel Tones.....'Artists Hand'


 qiviut aulavik          qiviut arctic lichen,   qiviut sitka,           qiviut Mckinley,                    qiviut Taiga                                                                                                        

Artists hand is: 100% Pure Qiviut, hand painted in  beautiful colors, super soft with a wonderful Halo

Put up in 100 gram skeins, with 750 yards in our 2 ply lace weight  $190.00cad each.


We can also make this yarn in our heavier 3 ply with an average of 450 yards per skein.

use the contact form below to order 3 ply in any of the colours shown.


 Qiviut Aulavik:

small amount of Golden sun, Navy blue, medium blue, hunter green, lime green, cherry red.

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Qiviut arctic lichen:

buttercup yellow, purple and cherry red/mauve.


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Qiviut Sitka:

Orange, buttercup yellow, bright Blue.

Buy 2ply yarn.

Qiviut Mckinley:

Purple, lilac & Raven Black

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Qiviut taiga:

Bright blue, red & a

small amount of lime.

Buy 2ply yarn.

Business Address:

cottage craft mill.

368 Rang 14. Adstock. Q/C. Canada. G0N1S0



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Please Note: Artist hand yarns are individually dyed to order. Every batch of colours are different & may not be the exact colour as shown above, this is due to the natural shade of the qiviut fibre that ranges from dark gray to a lighter shade of gray. you will receive similar colours.

Questions ?   Please contact us via email at:


Thank you !

Please note: 2019 we will introduce New colours to the Artsit hand Range.