100% pure Qiviut Mitts, Gloves & More....

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Qiviut mitts & gloves now available.....these little gems are hand knit
and are as soft & warm as they look ! Made with 6ply & 8 Ply yarn for exceptional comfort, warmth, durabilty & softness........you'll love them too !


100% pure Qiviut....so soft & warm.The wrist section has a deep cabled design all around with smooth palms and backs. Shown in natural qiviut color but is also avaiable in Raven Black, Navy blue, Red, Cranberry red, Bordeaux.
Fully hand knit by us. Made to order when stocks are low so please contact us for delivery date.
We have these in size: S, M, L, & XL for a man.
$185.00 pair
tell us what color to send.....

Mittens & Gloves are made to order. Orders usually mail within 3 weeks of purchase !

 We ship mitts & Gloves with a tracking number & Duty free !

  Qiviut mitts
are our biggest seller....makes the
perfect gift !


The Ultimate Musk ox Mitts. Fully hand knit from 100% Qiviut & 8 Ply so the mitts are really thick & warm......Like putting your hand in the stove ! knit on smaller needles so the construction is very rigid & firm.
Sizes: M-L....fits the average hand or send us your measurements to be sure they will fit.
has the same cable design as the mitts above, shown in natural qiviut color, is also available in Raven black, Navy Blue, Bordeaux.
$220.00 pair


New ......supersoft Gloves. Fully hand knit from 100 % pure qiviut, has a cabled wrist band section thats soft and comfy, knit from 6 ply yarn so these gloves are very warm. Unisex design, available in: S, M, L, XL
$195.00 pair. We can hand dye these to Raven Black, Navy Blue, Bordeaux, Cranberry Red. Colour shown is natural.

Sorry sold out

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Use the chart above to determine your glove & mitten size !