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There is an antiquated charm to home-crafted and high-quality knitting that is rarely seen these days. After years in the business, Cottage Craft Angora is devoted to bringing some of that classic charm back to the art of knitwear.

Take a look around our site and you will notice the use of rare, gorgeous yarn throughout all of our products. We specialize in Qiviut yarn — known as the “cashmere of the North” — as well as Musk Ox yarn in order to provide only the warmest and softest materials to our loyal customers.

Whether it is socks, gloves or shrugs, Cottage Craft Angora offers a variety of knit clothing options made from a vast array of yarns. If you’re looking for a luxurious Qiviut shawl, we’ve got you covered. Stylish Qiviut smokering? That too.

All of Cottage Craft Angora products come designed and refined with you in mind. That’s why if you have any questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to contact Cottage Craft Angora today. We love when our customers take an active interest in providing feedback, and we look forward to speaking with you!

100% Qiviut hats
From $68.00 Each


Not Available !

  Qiviut Blend hats
From $80.00

100% Qiviut scarves
From $40.00 To $350.00

New for this season
100% Qiviut scarves

100% Qiviut shawls

100% Qiviut sweaters
From $600.00

Hats, mitts, booties in natural grey qiviut & Very Rare white Qiviut !

Qiviut Mitts & Gloves
From $160.00

Qiviut Smokerings
From $75.00

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