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Qiviut blankets offer superior warmth & luxury without the Bulk of Traditional blankets. Qiviut is eight times warmer than sheep wool, is a very desirable Luxury fibre that has a very low micron count of 8-10mc's. The low MC provides an unsurpassed softness to all garments knit from pure qiviut yarns.

Washing & Drying: All qiviut garments should be hand washed & layed flat to dry.

Most newer makes of washing machines have the ''hand wash'' setting. Use a very mild detergent, we use a product called SOAK on all our garments, when cycle is complete remove item & lay flat to dry. Altenatively, you can dry clean qiviut-Silk Setting !

Qiviut knitwear should be washed in a LAUNDRY BAG to prevent damage to the delicate structure of the fibre within the knitwear !


This is how the blanket looks, raised stitch design on one side with a smooth stitch design on reverse side, the outer edge is finished all the way around with Double stitching & double bind off's so all stitches are secure.


The sample above is a Throw. If ordering twin, double or king sizes you will receive your blanket with smooth & raised stitch design panels but finishing will be the same on edges as shown above.


Colours: Above is Natural qiviut. We can make your blanket a combination of colours or a single solid colour. Colours i routinely work with: Raven Black,

Hunter Green, Navy Blue, Inuit Blue, Cranberry red, Blue spruce.


Price as of January 2016:

Throw- $950.00  42'' X 70'' inches


Twin 66'' X 86''- $1,600.00


Double 80'' X 86''- $1,900.00


Queen Size 90'' X 90''- $2,300.00


King Size 104'' 90''- $2,700.00.


Super King- 112'' X 102'' - $3,000.00




Superb Quality workmanship is guarnteed on all products on our site !

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The Official Gift of Canada To The baby Prince George.....

100% Qiviut fit for a Prince !

I was so excited to be asked to knit this Qiviut Blanket for the baby prince George.


I sorted through many bags of Raw qiviut fibre to hand picked only the lighter shades to make the batch unique & special.


The Canada Coat of Arms is the perfect finishing touch !

Please contact us to purchase the Super King size blanket !


Pure qiviut Throw in Natural colour qiviut with Fringe !












Questions ?

Please contact us via email at cottageqiviut@outlook.com

Thank you !

All Qiviut blankets are custom knit for you. There is a waiting list for qiviut blankets for delivery in Mid January 2019