A collection of soft,warm comfort knits that always                             makes the perfect gift.........

Did you know that musk ox knitwear is the warmest known fiber to man........knitwear is light weight & eight times warmer than woolen knitwear from the domestic sheep & musk ox is very very soft. Musk ox knitwear is very comfortable to wear next to the skin as it is weightless......is water proof & Non allergic.....All knitwear is made by us in our design studio on a small scale so each item is made with care. We have added these items to our collection to make your gift giving special & affordable this season!

All knitwear is made in the Natural qiviut color & then hand dyed to your color choice !



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     Musk ox  Qiviut Scarf collection

           The Haute Couture Of Knitwear !

 Luxurious Wider size, soft flowing lace design.....

(on the Left)

100 % Qiviut scarf.

Overall lacey design, measures in inches 14'' X 54'' Long.

Available in Natural as shown, or

Any of the colors above !


$170.00 each

Bordeaux, Arctic red & Navy

The Ultimate Qiviut scarf....

made from 100% qiviut, all over lace design....extra long 14'' X 80'' inches & very Luxurious.

Available in Natural color as shown or any of the colors below.


$210.00 each

Want something a little different....not a problem we can custom knit something for you. Contact us using the form below !

100_0411 100_0411

Please note: care must be taken with jewelry as it can cause damage to lace scarves in the form of pulls & snags !

Buy Natural

The Ultimate Qiviut Scarf is also available in these colours!

Buy Raven Black Buy Arctic Red Buy Bordeaux Buy Navy Blue Buy Purple Add to cart 100_0432 IMG_0253

I just love the dimensions of this scarf.... how it looks & feels.....beautiful & Classic styling !