Musk ox qiviut smoke rings

A smoke ring is a circular garment....... is very stylish and fits over the head is long enough to cover the neck & head, they are usually knit in a lace design for women & plain knit stitch for a Man. Ours are made from 100% pure musk ox Qiviut, can be worn up or down around the neck as the mood takes........

'The haute Couture of Knitwear'!

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The Tundra Lace Smoke ring

Knit from 100% Qiviut-Musk ox. shown in Raven Black. Qiviut color or to the Right the Natural Qiviut colour.


Has an overall lace & woven stitch design


 24'' long X 24''inches wide

Fits everyone.

$135.00 each

       Natural color SmokeRing

100% Qiviut smoke rings are available in many colours. Arctic Red, Arctic blue, Golden Rod, Hunter green, Ever green, Navy Blue, Tundra Blue, Turquoise, Raspberry.

After purchase send us a message with your colour choice to:

Business Address:

cottage craft angora mill

368 rang 14, Adstock, Q/C

Canada. G0N 1S0. 418-422 2308-mill

418 422 5708-office/home

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New for 2018....The Qivi-Cashmere Smoke soft.


Our newest smokering.......Luxuriously soft lace knit from a blend 50% Qiviut - 50% Cashmere, has an overall lace design, shown in Natural but also available in all the colours of the 100% Qiviut smoke rings.

'You will love how warm & soft this smokering feels'!

 $95.00 each


Bordeaux smokering.

Buy Natural Buy Bordeaux Buy Raven Black

The Qivi-cashmere smoke ring shown in Natural. Has the same overall lace design as our 100% Qiviut smoke rings but this one is blended with pure cashmere to give a little more body & memory to the garment.

Also available in same colours as the 100% Qiviut smoke rings.

Due to the white Cashmere content the colours are brighter & crisp than in the pure qiviut smoke ring.

After purchase send us a message with your colour choice to:

$95.00 Canadian.

If you do not send us a message with your colour choice we will mail out a Natural colour smoke ring.

New Styles & colours coming soon. This page will be updated in January 2018


NEW addition for 2018.

The Mighty Tundra...Unisex design knit with our most Luxururious Qiviut yarn in a heavier Worsted weight. A smooth stitch design that is very comfortable to wear. Covers the neck & Head, can be worn puddled down around the neck like a cowl.

Length is 24'' X 24'' circular.  

$195.00 Canadian.

Colours available: Natural as shown at left, Navy blue, Bordeaux, Raspberry, Hunter green, Golden Rod, Raven black, Purple, Ever green, Tundra blue, Arctic blue, Arctic red.

Send us a message with your colour choice. If no message sent, we will mail you the Natural colour.

Colours we work with

Raven Black, Arctic blue, Navy Blue, Arctic red, Bordeaux, Golden rod, Buttercup yellow, Tundra Ble, Turquoise, Evergreen, Raspberry......

we knit all our smoke rings in the Natural colour then hand dye to whatever the customer requires !