Musk ox qiviut smoke rings

A smoke ring is a circular garment....... is very stylish and fits over the head is long enough to cover the neck & head, they are usually knit in a lace design for women & plain knit stitch for a Man. Ours are made from 100% pure musk ox Qiviut, can be worn up or down around the neck as the mood takes........

'The haute Couture of Knitwear'!

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The Tundra Smoke ring

shown in Natural Brown Qiviut color or to the left in Raven Black.

Made from 100% Qiviut

has an overall lace & woven stitch.


 23'' long X 24''inches wide

Fits everyone!

comes with our musk ox tag.

$135.00 each

       Natural color SmokeRing

Raven Black Smoke Ring

Business Address:

cottage craft angora mill

368 rang 14, Adstock, Q/C

Canada. G0N 1S0. 418-422 2308-mill

418 422 5708-office/home

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SUPER SOFT .....Smoke ring lace knit from 50% qiviut &

50 %  Angora rabbit soft, the more you wear it the softer it becomes !


Our newest smokering.......sinfully soft made from a blend of Angora & qiviut, has an overall lace design, shown in the natural color but also available in:

Arctic Red, Navy Blue,

Evergreen, Raven Black & Bordeaux.

'You will love how soft & warm this smokering feels'!

 $95.00 each


Bordeaux smokering.

Buy Natural Buy Bordeaux Buy Raven Black Buy Natural

The Angora/Qiviut Smokering can be purchased in the following colours below !

Buy Purple Buy Raven Black Buy Arctic Red Buy Bordeaux Buy Navy Blue


Please check back soon for more musk ox smoke ring blend in new Colours & Styles !

New Styles & colours coming soon. This page will be updated in January 2018