Qiviut-Queen-Sock yarn

A blend of Musk ox - Cashmere - Silk & Merino

Each Beautiful skein contains 10% Qiviut, 10% Cashmere, 10% Silk

& 70% merino. 3ply, 115 gram skein, 340 yards per skein.

To create : Shawls, sweaters, socks mittens, Hats & scarves. $38.00 each

All prices are in Candian Dollars !

Spun with EXTRA Twist so is suitable for socks ♥♥♥♥♥

use a 2.0 to 2.75mm

Autumn Colour Collection....


''The Arctic Color Collection''


Business Address:

cottage craft mill.

368 Rang 14. Adstock. Q/C

Canada. G0N1S0



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Tundra Pasture

Autumn Tundra

Fall Leaves

Arctic Lights


Qiviut Taiga

Arctic Lichen

Qiviut McKinley

Qiviut Aulavik


Tundra Gypsy

Tundra Blaze

Northern Glacier


Arctic Rock

Inuit Treasure


Northern Blue Spruce


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Colour Description:

Tundra pasture-Deep green with key lime.

Autumn Tundra- Orange, Spruce with natural Rock.

Fall Leaves- Rich Mahogany with Golden brown.

Arctic Lights-Bright Gold, with orange & Arctic blue.

Arctic rock-All Natural

Inuit Treasure-Turquoise.

Fall-Honey brown

Northern Spruce- Solid Blue spruce.

Colour Description:

Qiviut Taiga-Arctic Blue, Gold, Arctic Red.

Arctic Lichen- Bright cherry, Buttercup yellow & Purple.

Qiviut McKinley- Purple, Black Twig.

Qiviut Aulavik- Arctic Blue, Navy, Spruce green & Arctic Red.

Tundra Gypsy- Red, Green, Turquoise & yellow.

Tundra Blaze- Cherry red, Bordeaux.

Northern Glacier, Arctic blue, Sky & natural rock.



New colours in the Qiviut-Queen rang available soon ! From the top working clockwise:

Arctic Sunset, Wild Fuchsia, Arctic blue,  Arctic Red, Limes, Bordeaux, Viv's North Pole.