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All Natural Shetland Lamb Wool collection....

All our Shetland Yarns are soft unlike the yarns that are imported from the Shetland Isles that tend to be rough & scratchy where after the sheep are shorn All the Fleece are processed together including poor quality fleece. While here in North America we do selective breeding to insure that all pure bred shetland stock maintains a breeding pool where the sheep produce wool of the highest quality & Luster for generations to come. Each individual fleece is processed individually so batches are quite unique. Each animal is registerd with the Shetland sheep society so you can be sure you are knitting with a quality yarn. The individual fleece determines whether it will be used for 100% wool yarn or made into our Shetland Tundra blend yarn. We take pride in the quality of of registerd stock & pride in the quality & softness of the wool we produce. Garments are lightweight & can be worn next to the skin !

Brae Shetland Cabled Shawl knitting pattern. Cables & Leaf border. Requires 5 skeins of 50 grams- 900 yards. Shawl shown above is knit with Natural white shetland-croft yarn in 3 ply yarn on a 4.5mm needle. can be knit with any of our Shetland-croft yarns. Pattern includes yarn subsititues & can be knit with any size needle. knit Side-To-Side.



Brae Shetland Shawl Knitting pattern with cables

We blend our finest quality Natural Shetland wool with 15% musk ox-Qiviut  for our special ''Shetland Tundra yarns''

each skein has on average 170 yards per 50 gram skein spun into a light worsted weight that knits beautifully on a 4.5mm- US Size 7 needle.

$18.00 per skein

Colours from left to right- natural fawn, oatmeal, Moorit & natural Black.

Available from our absoluteshetland website.

100_0081 white ram 100_0381

                              Shetland Tundra Blend wool yarn

New Price Discount... $5.50 each per skein


All of our Shetland wool blends are available again from our sister site here:

All of our Shetland wool blends are available again from our sister site at: 100_2987

Fetlar Cabled hat knit from Shetland Tundra yarn

free pattern on my blog at



Brassay Head band pattern availble for Free on my blog at :

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Yarns from Left To Right:

Lallybroch, Dragonfly in Amber, over the sea to Sky & standing stones.