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100% Musk ox Qiviut yarns 2 & 3 ply click on Image to go to the page !

100% Qiviut Roving & raw Fiber.

Fabulous Quality Guaranteed !  click on Image to go to the page.

Artsit hand... 100% Qiviut Musk ox yarn. Hand Painted Musk ox yarns Click on Image to go to the page !

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Qiviut/merino & Cashmere/qiviut Blends yarns above are for

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Qiviut-Queen-Sock yarn. Wool blend with musk ox in hand painted & solids

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Decadent Yarn Blend

50 %qiviut - 50% cashmere

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Looking for Shetland wool yarns....we have that too. All natural colours from our own Flock plus some blends with Cashmere & Qiviut Musk ox.

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Yarns Manufactured By cottage craft Angora

Business Address:

cottage craft Mill

368 Rang 14. Adstcok. Q/C.

Canada. G0N1S0


418-4225708-home office.

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Out♥Lander Yarns

LEFT TO RIGHT: LallyBroch, Dragonfly in Amber,

Over The Sea To Sky, Standing Stones.

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Shetland Wool Yarns....